Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pallet Perfect

The time had come for me to revamp the kitchen wall above my table. It was blah and boring and I couldn't stand looking at it any longer. A couple collage style frames and a large letter and it just needed...something. I had been toying with the idea of using a pallet as a shelf for a while and after browsing Pinterest a bit, I decided it was time. Although it would be bulky and heavy, I knew it was just the change I needed. So my darling hubby was able to find one lying around and he was sweet enough to hang it for me. With my blank canvas, I started to place items and decided a few frames, the large letter and a few of the kids crafts would be a good start. I love the way it looks and love the character it adds to my house. It is definitely a statement piece and one that I will leave for a while. Sometimes you have to step outside the box and do something a little different, a little daring and for me, that came in the form of a, easy and full of charm!! What will your next DIY project be??

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