Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mom Jeans

While shopping with a girlfriend recently, we couldn't help but notice we were continuously drawn to all things...mom. You know what I mean...we all have our "uniform", our go-to outfits for day-to-day. Mine is jeans, a tank and flip-flops. Or if I'm feeling especially ambitious, sneakers and sweats in hopes that I might get a quick walk in. But either way, each outfit is undeniably boring, boring, boring. Oh, and slightly frumpy when you add the ponytail and day old makeup to the mix. Now, I'm not saying I can't pull it together when need be, but my attire usually falls by the wayside in light of all I'm trying to accomplish during the day. Getting my kids dressed, fed, and entertained with unending messes to tend to, I just don't have the motivation to take it up a notch. Us moms are usually the last to eat, the last to sit down at the end of the day and the last to go shopping for ourselves. Somehow our family budget never seems to allow for frivolous shopping on my part. Shoes for the kids? Check. Tires for the car? Money to pay the sky-high electric bill?? Yes. We somehow manage for those necessities but mommy gets put on the back burner.
So with coupons in hand, my cohort and I decided it was time to shop. You don't have to break the bank to freshen your wardrobe either. Places like Old Navy, Forever 21, Target and Kohl's ALWAYS have sales and coupons available. Without spending a ton, we chose a few great pieces to add to our closet. Over and over, we picked out things in dark colors to camouflage spit-up, stains and snot, items with elastic and anything under ten dollars. After consulting the mirror in the dressing room, we decided enough was enough. Time to spruce things up a little. Without spending a ton, we chose a few great pieces to add to our closet.
The cute boat neck top with stripes would be just as comfortable as the plain, boring t-shirt so into the "keep" pile it went. Stretch jeans comfy enough to hang around the house in, sit on the floor and play in and wear for the rare night out were keepers. We figured we could easily trade the boring, tired pieces for things with a bit more personality without sacrificing comfort. Live in sweats and yoga pants?? No problemo. Maybe try a fresh pair in a bright color or with a splashy pattern. Can't part with the tanks you have in every color? Fine, but try them layered or under a plaid shirt or yes, I'm going to say it...a blouse. We are adults and so we figured it was time to start dressing like them (or at least try). We don't intend to toss our favorite sweatpants or warm-ups any time soon but little by little, we are bringing "grown-up" back. I vow to lose the ponytail from time to time and break my jewelry out of cobwebs once in a while. It just takes a few touches to look better but more importantly, feel better. We are moms first and there's no reason we can't feel great while mastering the toughest job in the world. How do you dress it up?

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