Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grocery Store Redux

True to my word, I developed a plan to save money and eat better: stick to a budget and menu plan! Sounds easy enough, but was it?? Well, for my first week (though I don't start officially until Oct.1st) I'd say I'm off with a bang! I decided Saturday would be my shopping day. It's the last day of the week and the perfect time to prep in peace while my kiddos take it easy, resting from a long week. So yesterday we hit Sprouts, my favorite market, shopping list in hand. My budget was $100 for the week and I came in way under...$61.25! But that does leave me a little wiggle room in the event I need to run out for toilet paper! Although some items are more expensive there, (such as cheeses and staples like ketchup and peanut butter) they have an awesome selection of dry goods in the bulk bins and produce is dirt cheap. I'm trying to avoid processed and packaged foods anyway. I compiled a few recipes before leaving the house, planning to cook five out of the seven days this next week. We have a dinner plans one night and are "allowed" one night out to dinner a week. Here's how my menu looks:
Sunday: Homemade potato cheese soup with french bread
Monday: Dinner out!
Tuesday: Crock Pot BBQ chicken wraps with salad
Wednesday: Chicken enchiladas
Thursday: Baked potatoes with salad
Friday: Bowtie pesto pasta with garlic bread
I'll post the recipes each day if you want to follow along! Wish me luck!

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