Monday, September 10, 2012

My Kid is a Markered Mess...

Today, desperate for a bit of quiet time, I handed my two-year-old a dry erase board and a handful of markers and let him loose. Sure, I knew there was a chance, a very good chance that my living room and son would soon be covered in a rainbow of clumsy scribbles but still, I took my chances. Sure enough, a couple moments later he came to showcase his artwork on his tummy, legs, all over. I figured, at least his clothes will cover most of that.
This ploy is similar to the one where I took a package of tic-tacs and strategically placed them around the house so my kids could go on a “candy hunt”. Dinner has got to get done, people. Man cannot live on frozen meals alone and if I want to break out of my cooking rut, I need a little quiet. I think all us moms are the same…we just long for peace yet we choose the route of chaos. Prior to having children, I was able to take long showers, work a full day, hit the gym and have a home cooked  meal on the table every night. Dessert, too! But when I chose to have kids, I chose a new life. I chose the spit-up, the sticky faces, the constant questions, bickering and diaper changes. But I also chose something else...unconditional love. The kisses, cuddles and “I love you’s” are worth every hour of sleep lost and ounce of energy drained. Would I choose it again, even knowing the list of cons? You bet.

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  1. Noah and I are reading this in between wine tasting and dinner in a quaint B&B we found. And yet...we're anxiously waiting til we can have kids. Go figure!