Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Canvas Creation

I had been wanting to create a "family rules" canvas for our living room for quite a while and once I made it, I loved it so much, I made two more for my kid's rooms! (oh, and a couple for gifts too!) I love this idea because it is super easy, inexpensive and looks great! With just a blank canvas (any size, depending on where you'll put it..) some scrap booking paper, a glue stick and some mod podge, you'll have an original piece of art for your your living room, office, laundry room...anywhere!!! The best part is you can customize this to fit any space, any decor and it makes the perfect gift for ANY occasion!!! I chose to do a "family rules" canvas for our house (be kind, share...etc.) and an "I promise to..." canvas for my kids rooms with things my hubby and I promise to do with/for our kids (teach them to dance, throw, ride, read to them, kiss them goodnight...etc.) So are you up for a project??
Start with the blank canvas and cut the scrap booking paper into strips to fit the canvas. Choose three or four coordinating patterns and make sure they are not too dark as you're writing will not show up. Either print onto the paper from your computer or trace the letters as I did. I suggest changing up the fonts for a little character. Next, glue the strips to the canvas with a glue stick and let dry. Then cover the piece with mod podge (which dries clear and flat..) and you've done it!! Where will you put yours??

                                                                For the entry way...
                                                                    My son's room...
                                                                    And my daughter's!!

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