Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coffee Break

Every morning as I stumble downstairs, bleary eyed and reach for the coffee pot like a bad Folgers commercial, I think, I'm getting old! Why am I so tired?? Even my kids know mommy just isn't herself before coffee. And then before diet coke and I'm so tired most nights that by the time my little ones are sawing logs, I'm just about right there with them. A "late night" for me these days is watching a show until ten with my hubby. Much to his chagrin, the night owl that he is, I'm turning off the lights and headed upstairs before the scenes for next week's episode.
As mothers, we all tend to put our kid's needs first. If they make a mess, or are hungry or need to go potty, they need to be tended to whether we like it or not. But besides the mental demands of waking early with kids, carrying them around and picking up after them, the mental fatigue is just as bad, or worse. Tantrums, twenty questions and constantly breaking up fights can lead to an unparalleled mental exhaustion. Add to that a sick kid, one with the stomach flu, perhaps (like mine today), and there's just no time to rest!
I know someday I will look back and miss these times with my kids. I will be able to sleep in, but miss the pattering of little feet. I'll get to eat a meal in peace, but miss preparing lunch and feeding two little mouths. And I will undoubtedly miss the story times, snuggles and the way my kids hug, kiss, and hold my hand with abandon. So I will take the lack of sleep and enjoy today for all it's bloody demands. And for now, cheers to caffeine!

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