Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cheese Steaks on a Dime

I am all about experimenting with different recipes and also things I try while eating out. My hubby and I had a hankering for Philly cheese steaks recently but with kids in tow, we knew that a.) our picky daughter wouldn't go for it and b.) it would probably set us back at least twenty-five bucks. We try to save money where we can and decided this wouldn't be worth the splurge so instead I chose to make them myself. I always have provolone cheese, onions and hot dog buns on hand so I bought two small, lean steaks on sale for $4.99 and was off to a good start!! I chopped one small onion and got it browning with a little olive oil. Meanwhile, I sliced the steak super thin and when the onions were nice and soft, I added the steak and cooked it for a couple minutes. I topped our buns with the steak, some onion and provolone cheese and we had four cheese steak sandwiches for less than ten dollars!! Sometimes things don't taste quite as good when made at home but this sure hit the spot!! Try some experiments yourself and see how close you come!! What will you make??

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