Saturday, May 27, 2017

Summertime Blues

So  you know how the term "summertime blues" refers to the end of the long, lazy, carefree days of summers as a kid? When we dreaded being thrown back to the wolves of school, homework and after school activities? Because it was just so much fun to ride bikes all day, run around barefoot and eat nothing but popsicles and top ramen?
Well, what's the opposite of that? Because I have this sense of dread that the summer is beginning and I have a whole 10 WEEKS to fill with the kiddos home. Under foot. Hungry and bored. It's enough to make any loving mother reach for the vodka. But then...
As I relaxed by the pool this afternoon, leisurely reading while the kiddos splashed around, I began to think that maybe, just maybe the kids are now old enough to really enjoy the summer ahead. So I decided to look on the bright side and came up with a few reasons why summer is going to be great!
Trips to Target
Trips to Michaels (Michael's? Apostrophes get me every time...)
Trips to Ikea
Trips to the mall
I know what you're thinking..."Why on earth would you want to bring two rugrats along on a peaceful shopping trip?"
Glad you asked.
First of all, I don't hit the Target snack bar alone. It just feels wrong and like I'm a fatty and all pathetic because even though I just ate lunch before leaving the house to run errands, the $2 popcorn and soda combo call my name. Every time. But add your kiddos to the mix and it's like Slurpee? Sure. Hot dog? Of course. Lunch at Target today! While you sit and much away, read that book (that we're going to put back at the end, obviously) I'll browse. New curtains? Check. Towels? Check. Brightly colored throw pillows and a new rug that scream summer? Check and check. (Hubby, if you're reading this, those are the same throw pillows from last year. They just look different.)
Summer is a time to catch up on all those projects you've been meaning to do and now that you have extra helpers, time to begin! Bust out your cookbook and try a new recipe or plug in that sewing machine and teach your kids how to use it.
Also, no wake up time! You don't have to drag sleepy kiddos out of bed, dress them, feed them, get their backpacks ready and get them to the car in record time. They can get themselves up and help themselves to some cartoons and cereal. While mommy sleeps.
Fourth of July, picnics, road trips, Thrifty ice cream cones, long days in the sun reading, 7-11, Netflix when it's too hot to go outside, the beach, Grandma's house, and last but definitely not least...kiddos crashing early because they are so spent that you finally, blessedly have time on the patio (or couch or bed or anywhere...) with hubby. Enjoy.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Catch up

I've been away from this blog for a while, busy raising kids, working full-time and gasp! getting divorced then re-married to my real-life prince charming. I've kicked some butt, taken some names, given up liquor (sigh...) spent many fun-filled days in the sun with my kiddos watching them grow. I've learned about life, love and have finally found my voice at 33...took long enough.
So I'm back to encourage you and give you some stories that will make you laugh, cry or just get you through the day, or until dinnertime at least. I know that with the demands of motherhood, wifehood (is that a word?) and finding time for ME is enough to make my head spin most days.
But then I get real and I get a hubby who lifts the heavy loads when I can't, to my dishwasher, crock-pot, and to adorable kiddos with missing teeth and tiny tushies, to fresh coffee with creamer when something a little stronger is really in order, to take-out, to Netflix and of course the most important, to the LORD my bff who has seen me through the last heart-wrenching couple of years. I'm back and better than ever. Won't you join me on this crazy ride through life???