Monday, September 3, 2012

A (Separate) Date Night

Since our anniversary, my hubby and I have had a pair of movie passes burning a hole wallet. So we decided the time had come to use them. Now, this is a big deal for us. Because movies have become outrageously expensive, they are more of a treat these days. So the sitters were in place. We just had to decide on a movie. This was no easy feat considering there are so many good ones out right now and we both wanted to see different ones. I was leaning towards Hope Springs and my hubby wanted to see Avengers so we had a choice to make...or did we??
Both movies happened to be playing the SAME time at the theater we wanted to go to. Coincidence? I think not. Why couldn't we go out together and see different movies? What was stopping us? Nothing, that's what. Why should either of us sit through a movie we didn't want to see, bored out of our mind?? So we got in line, purchased our tickets and headed inside. Large popcorn, please, split for two. A quick kiss and we were off to our movies. As I settled in and enjoyed all the was chick-flick-esque, I knew Mike was enjoying some action packed adventure of his own. A couple hours later and we were reunited. Off to dinner we went, hand in hand, to catch up. It was the perfect date night and although it may not sound like the most romantic outing, it worked for us. Quirky? Perhaps. A little weird? Maybe, but that's just how we roll.

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