Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monster, or "M" Cookies

Recently, we realized Logan is afraid of monsters, or at least the idea of them. One night a few weeks ago, he awoke in the middle of the night screaming "ma-ma" over and over (two-year-old speak for monster) We don't particularly discuss monsters but maybe in passing or while playing with his sister, he learned of them. So the fear began. I guess I'm happy his biggest fear is of something he will never actually have to face, like water, bugs or dogs, but in his little mind, monsters are very real. After the nightmare, we decided not to speak of monsters again and to refer to them only as "M's", if we needed to refer to them at all.
Out went the monster jammies and all other paraphernalia and Jovie responsibly shuns the word. So when we bought a cookie mix called "Monster Mix", M cookies were born! They got their name, I'm guessing because they have everything in them but the kitchen sink. I've also seen them called cowboy cookies or everything cookies, and they have always been my favorite. Oatmeal, nuts and chocolate chips are typical ingredients but you can throw in whatever else sounds good at the time. Making these cookies is a great way to use up random leftovers you may have on hand...coconut, raisins, cranberries, M&M's..etc. are great additions. They almost become a granola bar of sorts. So whether you typically bake from scratch or from a mix (like yours truly...) this is a great cookie to try! I would start with a basic oatmeal raisin or oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe and go from there! Part of the fun is not following an actual recipe for these cookies but going wherever the wind, and your cupboards, take you. Have fun, get a little messy and make some with the kids!

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