Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bath Time is Me Time...Sort of.

As I sit in the bathroom watching my kids play and splash in the bathtub, I try and squeeze in a few minutes doing something productive. Never one to be a time waster, I figure time not spent checking a task off my to-do list is basically just time wasted. Sure, it’s fine to just sit and enjoy a little time off my feet but if I can fit in a ten-minute job or mini pamper session, even better! So while my kids make a mess, get water all over the floor and attempt to turn our tiny bathroom into a water park, I get busy.
You’d be surprised what you can get done while supervising bath time! A few of my favorites are a quickie mani or pedi, catching up on my reading (but you must beware of the water!) clearing and cleaning the counters…you get the idea. I figure, whenever the kids are occupied, that’s a good time for me to get to work. With so little free time in the day, a girl’s got to take what she can get…am I right? So when you find yourself merely supervising or waiting…like at the doctor’s office, during meals when the kids are strapped in safely and yes, even during bath time, pick a job and get to work.
I am not immune to “supermom syndrome”, the impossible expectations I put on myself to limit TV, serve healthy snacks, have craft time daily, and coordinate outfits…oh! And be a good wife too! It’s endless and sometimes it’s those few minutes during the day when I can catch up or wind down, whichever is needed at the time. I’ll give you a guess…it involves glitter vs. pink! So take five and have a great Saturday night!

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