Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I am NOT an interior designer by nature. My usual "look" is furniture covered with children's books waiting to be returned to the library, floors with piles of laundry ready to be done, and sticky fingerprints and dust everywhere! My kitchen counters are normally cluttered with magazines, mail, dishes- you name it...that counter space is fair game! Lately I have begun to feel like the walls are closing in on me. The kids do a pretty good job at keeping their rooms neat and there are always clean clothes to wear and mostly a clear path from here to there but was my standard slipping? I think so. Instead of appreciating my home and making it as presentable and enjoyable as possible, I have simply been getting by.
When things are neater, cleaner and smell and look good, I have more mental clarity and motivation. Who wants to sit in the living room and read with a cup of coffee when it's a mess or bake cookies in a kitchen that's filthy with no room to spread out? So, I got to work. Little changes can make a difference. You don't have to paint every room or spend a fortune; it's the small things that you notice the most. I took a few areas in my home that were nagging at me and turned them into my little spaces of calm. Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Choose a color scheme. I've chosen green, yellow, blue and white as a start. Choosing colors makes it easier to find pieces when out shopping.
2. Display items in groups of three and alternating height.
3. Make a list! This is so important because while out and about, especially with little ones in tow, it can become overwhelming to shop with no plan in mind.
4. Choose small areas you want to work on, say a powder room or shelf. It's easier to start with a corner than a whole room.
5. When on a budget, Michael's, Target and Kohl's are great places to start. My two favorite words? Coupons and Clearance!
First I decluttered! Then I repurposed a serving tray, hurricane and decorative basket that were collecting dust. Then I spent roughly $30 on 2 artificial plants, 2 pillar candles, a large bag of potpurri, 2 8X10frames and a candle holder. Here are a few before/after pictures from my home to inspire you!


    Entryway table before

kitchen counter before




I Hope this has been helpful and I hope you got some ideas for your house too! It doesn't matter how big your place is or how much money spent, as long as it feels like home.

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