Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Feathers, Anyone??

Lately I have become a little bored with myself. Most moms I know have a daily uniform and I'm no exception! Sweats or shorts and a tank-top with flip-flops is my usual outfit of choice. Oh, and the hair goes up first thing in the morning. I'm usually too tired or busy to deal with it and even if I did leave it down, my son would just pull it all day! Here's where the feathers come in. I've been seeing them on celebrities (thank you, People magazine!) and thought...why not?? Once I told Jovie how neat they were, she was on board. Before I knew it, we were checking out feather websites. I was NOT about to drag two kids into a beauty supply store...
I settled for because the prices were reasonable and they sold authentic feathers. Synthetic ones would not stand up to curling irons, flat irons and washings. But let's remember, feathers fall out easily and naturally so you don't have to worry about hurting birds for the sake of fashion! They have many colors and lengths to choose from.
It took about three days for our order to arrive. Here's what you need:

- Feathers
- for every feather or group of feathers
- A microbead plier...or pliers I found in my hubby's tool box!
- A hair hook..again, found in the tool box (though you don't really need!)

Ok, first step. Part your hair and comb through. Take a small strand of hair and use hair hook to slip on microbead or, if you don't have this tool, twist the hair and slip bead on, pulling it up to the root. Take your feather or feathers and slip into microbead then crimp with pliers. It's that easy!! In just a couple of minutes, you've added personality to your hair. (I must warn took waaaay longer on my squirmy four-year-old!!!!) It's temporary, can stay in for up to three months and is removed easily with the pliers. It's also relatively inexpensive. For $12, I got 10 feathers and microbeads, including shipping. The tools are around $10, but I bet you have something on hand that would work...Why not try it??

                                                             Go ahead, give it a try!!


  1. Woah, so hip! Seriously jealous! I'm thinking of a good recipe for you, maybe I'll get into gear tomorrow??

    1. Sounds good! Get some feathers going, girl!