Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'll Drink to That!

Being another hot day, I dream of being transported to some tropical island, propping my feet up and sipping an ice-cold drink. Since that's not happening any time soon, I'll take the next best thing: Sitting outside while my kids play in the water and sipping that ice-cold drink. I've got a dynamite recipe for a fun cocktail (or mocktail if you prefer...that's what I'm drinking since this mama cannot hold her liquor! Oh, and I guess I should be lucid with kids around...) It's sweet and cold, the perfect combination to beat the heat and whisk you away to paradise if you don't have the luxury of hopping on a plane and heading down south...

Here it is...the "Oh Screw It" Screwdriver courtesy of Redbook:
First, pour orange juice into an ice tray and freeze. Dump some cubes into a glass and pop in some sliced strawberries (I used frozen ones) Fill the glass about a third of the way with vodka and top with 7-Up (obviously omit vodka and fill with only 7-Up if going virgin...) and I added more ice as the drink got melty...Put your feet up, get those kids busy and chill out. You've had a long week and earned a little break so take it!
Sometimes it just takes a few minutes and a fun umbrella drink to give you that  little escape you need!

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