Saturday, July 28, 2012

Can a Girl Get a Craft Closet??

I don't know about you, but I have crafting supplies everywhere! My glue gun and paint is in a dresser, my markers, glue and scissors in a kitchen cupboard, scrapbooking supplies in a get the idea. There is no rhyme or reason to why things end up where they do and no "method to my madness". It's just a big crafting disaster. I think this is why I don't do as many projects as I'd would take too long to gather everything!
I think the time has come to get organized. Yes, it will create a mess in the process but ultimately, it will be worth the time. Are you with me?? All you need to start is a little space to call your own. If you don't have an entire closet, choose a small area such as a drawer or shelf to get started. You can get a few tupperware containers or baskets and stash them out of site. Since I'm downstairs most of the time (and yes, too lazy to head upstairs whenever the crafting bug bites...) I'm going to designate a shelf in our hutch as "Mommy's Crafting Zone". It currently houses picture frames, the kid's artwork, old tax returns and other miscellaneous paperwork so first things first. I need to get it organized and make some room! Decide what you're going to need. Gather baskets or appropriate containers and make different categories. Fabric, scrapbooking supplies, ribbon, markers, pens, glue...etc. Get them all together and find a place for them.
It can be as simple as grouping items together in shoeboxes or as elaborate as making tags and labeling pretty photo boxes. Either way, I'm sure you will feel much better after you've de-cluttered and who knows? Maybe you will be more inspired to do what you set out to in the first place-CRAFT!
Kitchen cupboard...serving many purposes

                                                             The messy, messy hutch

                                             The good, the bad and the ugly...all laid out ;(

                                             After...all items together where they belong!!

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