Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm bored!! The dreaded words...

With summer in full force, the days are feeling longer and longer. The sun sets later and kids seem to have more and more energy as the night wears on! My husband and I joke that while we're tucking our daughter into bed with the sun still shining and sounds of kids playing outside, we feel bad...but not too bad. Keeping a normal schedule during the summer can be hard but is important to do. Though kids thrive on routine, it's always fun to deviate a little and bend the rules once in a while. Here are some fun and fresh ideas to keep your kids busy while keeping your bank account intact!

1. Check out http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/. Every state offers 2 free games a day during the summer with some age restrictions.
2. Free or discounted movies! Edwards, Phoenix and Century stadiums, to name a few, offer discounted showtimes or even free movies all summer. One site to check out, that I use is      http://www.phoenixtheatres.com/summerkids.asp
3. Pack up the kids and head to the mall!! I know, malls are a breeding ground for spending but just strolling, getting a lemonade and looking at the puppies at the pet shop make for some good entertainment. Some even have play areas.
4. Go to the library! I take my kids almost every week and as long as you return your books on time, it's totally free. I've had upwards of $30 in late fees though, so watch out!
5. Hunt for change and head to Chuck-E-Cheese's. This place is great because the kids can run around safely (they won't get far as you are all stamped upon arrival and the entrances and exits are monitored), it's air-conditioned, and games only cost a quarter! It's not just for parties!
6.  Craft. Many stores like Target, Michael's and the 99 Cent Store have paints, stickers, construction paper..etc. for $1 or less. Let your kids loose and have them each choose things to paint or decorate. Or, if you don't even feel like leaving the house, do a treasure hunt for objects to work with. Old boxes, toilet paper and paper towel tubes can easily become works of art!

Here's my activity for today...cupcakes in a cone! It's the perfect handheld treat for a party, fun dessert or in my case, just because! I used a cake mix but prepare your favorite batter, fill cones halfway, follow baking instructions and decorate. Voila! A sweet dessert for any occasion.

Got the ingredients?

Fill about half-way

I baked slightly longer than regular cupcakes

The result? Yummy....

I hope you and your kids are having a wonderful summer! Stay busy, stay cool and have fun! What are your favorite summer activities on the cheap??