Sunday, July 15, 2012

Date Night for Less

The countdown has begun...just a couple more hours before my fabulous parents show up and my hubby, Mike and I get to escape for the night! What couple doesn't jump at the chance for a night out with free babysitting?? So this week we began thinking of things we could do that were fun but wouldn't break the bank. Just dinner and a movie these days can easily cost fifty dollars...not to mention babysitting! We're lucky my parents are usually available (and willing!) to stay with our wee ones but I know not everyone is so blessed. We talked about going to a movie or dinner but I thought we should venture out a bit so the brainstorming began...
You don't have to spend a ton to have fun. Here are a few ideas for $10 or have no excuses!!
1. Wait until the kids are in bed and send your hubby out to a Redbox! For $1, you can watch the newest releases in the comfort of your living room. Have him drive through for shakes or run into the store for some candy on the way home and you have a movie night!!
2. Have a dessert date or go to a local happy hour and share an appetizer or dessert. When you just want a night out, sometimes that does the trick!
3. Have a picnic. Cheese and crackers, wine and other snacks can be affordable and being somewhere with different scenery like a park or even your own backyard make for a nice escape.
4. Have a bonfire at the lake or beach. Bring the fixins' for s'mores, a couple blankets and you've got yourself a pretty cozy date night.
5. Go to a bookstore, order some coffee and browse!

These are just a few but I'm sure with some creativity, you can come up with many more great ideas under $10! Share them here!
I'll let you know how our date night turned out...

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