Sunday, August 19, 2012

She's Crafty!

Time to get out your crafting supplies because I have an idea that is fun for all! Like I've mentioned before, I'm all about doing projects that everyone can participate in and enjoy. What's the fun in trying to craft when you have kids whining at you and trying to climb on you the entire time? Exactly. So get those little hands busy and work on a project for yourself at the same time!! Recently, I allowed my kids to make bracelets (I must not have been thinking clearly...beads ended up everywhere!) But, it did provide them not only a little fun and entertainment, but they wear their bracelets proudly. Also, and most importantly, it allowed mommy to work on a project of her own. I've been wanting to make a few pieces of jewelry for a while now. The reasons I haven't are as follows: too expensive, too time consuming, too tedious, too, too, get the idea! But I finally decided it was time. Let me show you how it can be done on the cheap with materials you have right under your nose!
First, take inventory and think outside the box. I created a "pendant" with scraps of fabric and a jewel from a broken earring. You'd be surprised what's sitting in your jewelry box right now being unworn. Is it broken, outdated, or missing it's mate?? Perfect! So gather your items and play around a bit. A silk ribbon, chain, some cord or suede string can be used to create a necklace or bracelet. I bought a 5-foot piece of chain from Michael's for $4 and used just a bit of it, leaving lots more for projects to come! I used a scrap of fleece for the "base" cutting it into a square shape. I then made rosettes out of more scrap fabric using hot glue to secure. Finally, I hot glued a jewel right in the middle and used pliers to anchor each side of the chain into the fleece. Voila! A one-of-a-kind necklace that I guarantee NOBODY else has!
 Keep your eyes peeled for items on clearance or things around your house to keep on hand when the jewelry bug bites. These pieces make for super original accessories and fabulous gifts!

                                                                  What do you think??

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