Friday, August 3, 2012

Bonkers for Bake Sales

Jovie has been in karate a little over a year. She started out as a pee-wee and has yet to become an earth-shattering karateka, but she has moved up and is seeming to grasp the concepts and enjoys it. Doesn't really matter how far she's come though, because I am a karate mom nevertheless. It started as a daughter/daddy activity, allowing me to jog or spend some time with my little guy but once she started to climb the karate ladder, it became a little more interesting and I couldn't wait to tag along to get in on the action. What mom could resist her little pony-tailed redhead in a huge mouthpiece sparring with kids twice her age??? Not me.
So while I've gotten caught up on the dirt at the dojo, I've become more involved. Newspaper and M&M sales for new chairs? Yep. Potato salad for the picnic? Sign me up. And most recently, the bake sale to raise funds for an air conditioner...come on. You know I'm in. So I decided on chocolate chip cookies. They are a tried and true crowd pleaser and easy to make in large quantities. I got my cellophane bags and stickers and I'm set! Any reason for baking or making a fun treat is a good reason for me.
Lemonade stands and bake sales are as old as time and as American as apple pie and Girl Scout cookies. They are unifying and bring communities together. Who can say no to sweet kids peddaling the goods? I once set up a lemonade stand with Jovie and Logan and it was a financial failure. But the kids had fun, neighbors stopped by to say hello and we had people waving as they drove by!! So whatever the reason for fundraising, make it fun!! Instead of dreading the latest sale, get involved and let your kids help out. Is the random $19 they make from the bake sale really going to make a dent in the air-condioner fund?? No, but that's not the entire point. Kids enjoy helping and allowing them to see the work that goes into earning money teaches them a doesn't grow on trees! So collect your supplies and get that stand going!

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