Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meltdown City: Karate Style

Tonight, as I mentioned casually that it was almost time to get ready for karate, Jovie went postal on me. For the past month or so, it's gotten progressively harder to get Jovie going for karate. Now, once she gets there, she is a happy participant, smiling and waving with nothing but positive feedback for us. But the drama that unfolds about twenty minutes before is nothing short of torture! My dilemma is: to quit or not to quit. Actually, there is not really a dilemma because we have no plans of letting her quit ever (or at least until she is eighteen...), but do I allow her any wiggle room?? Miss once in a while? (to the tune of $12/class!) Bribe?? Threaten?? Ahhhh!! What's a mother to do? My hubby just gets frustrated when she breaks into hysterics and I just get...confused. Should I console her or will that make it worse? Act like it's no big deal? Bribe? Threaten? Punish? I can't stand the thought of catering to the meltdowns as it will just perpetuate more...right?? I'm at a loss.
I guess for now, we will stick to what we've been doing. Act casual, stay calm and get her ready and into the car. Fortunately, once we drag her there, her instructors are very good about taking over and encouraging her to join her classmates. We just have to get her through the doors of the dojo, no small feat.
For now, I will suck it up, muster all the patience left in my tired, worn-out self and move on. It will pay off, I'm sure. How many things did I quit as a kid?? Umm...every single activity ever attempted, pretty much! I wish now that I had a skill. What young woman would scoff at being a black belt or roll their eyes once they became a sensai? I don't think many. So I'm on a mission. To teach Jovie the value of sticking with something and earning not only that coveted black belt one day, but the value of pushing through when the going gets tough. She has expressed interest in other activities: dance, cooking and animation classes and yes, I will allow her those as well, as long as she sticks with karate. Perhaps she will ditch the discipline the day she is able but for now, I'm doing what I think is best. And I guess that includes draggin' the little redhead to class twice a week.

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  1. I wonder what the Supernanny would have to say about this. Good on you for making her go, though :)