Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let Them Eat...Play-Doh???

Being a stay-home mom, I have to come up with A LOT to keep an almost-two and four-year-old busy! We are together 12+ hours a day and if I didn't have a semi-schedule and many activities, we'd all be scaling the walls (I am half the time anyway...can you say ADD??) Not only does keeping the kids busy entertain, teach and stimulate them (and keep them from fighting all day,) it entertains me. I enjoy coming up with new and fun crafts for us all. I try to choose activities that can be tailored to age. For example, water colors for Logan and acrylic paints for Jovie. Stickers and crayons for Logan, glitter glue and markers for Jo. Sometimes this plan backfires as my little-engine-that-could, Logan, is not easily fooled. He wants in on whatever sister is doing so sometimes I have to take a deep breath and let the messes happen. In the kitchen while baking, flour and sugar will coat the floor. They will stain their clothes with markers and paint and they will create enough splatters, fingerprints and stains on the carpets to warrant a HazMat inspection. Needless to say, sometimes you gotta let kids be kids. There's always time to clean up later. I'm usually a pretty good sport, indulging most ideas my kids come up with in hopes they will be busy so I might get something done around the house. The longer they play, and the less set-up required, the better. And if they can both participate in the activity, that's icing on the cake!
Which brings me to the latest...edible play-doh. Recently, I came across a recipe for an edible play-doh. It's fun to make, fun to play with and fun to eat! I didn't even have to tell the kids it was edible; they figured if we were making it in the kitchen like any other recipe, it must be fair game and truthfully, they probably spent more time sneaking bites than playing! It's relitively inexpensive (about $3 per batch), "healthy" (no, it's not necessarily meant to be eaten, but it was snack-time in our house!) and easy...took us just five minutes to make!! Here's the recipe:
1 cup powdered milk
3/4 cup honey
3/4 cup peanut butter
Mix together to form ball.
This recipe makes two "servings" of dough. It keeps well in the fridge but should be taken out a few minutes before play to soften...
***OBLIGATORY WARNING--this play-doh should NOT be given to children under 1 or kids with peanut allergies.***

                                                                         Have fun!!

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