Thursday, August 9, 2012

$2 to Heaven

It's hot again...surprise, surprise. Towards the end of last year, I was so happy that we Californians had experienced what felt like the first proper winter season in a while. It rained amply and stayed colder longer than it had the last few years. So now it's time to pay the piper. Summer came with a vengeance and I am OVER it. For a girl who longs for fall all year long, eager to carve pumpkins, pick apples and pull the sweaters out of mothballs, California mocks me long past Thanksgiving. It takes a while for it to cool down after the long, hot summer and then doesn't last long...which brings me to my point. Mommy needs a Diet Coke. And possibly a cookie.
So today, as we sit in our 82-degree house, I need a little break. The thought of dragging the kids to the car and sitting in what feels like unbearable heat almost makes me perish the thought but I press on. The $1 Diet Coke at Mickey-D's is too eniticing. Cold, refreshing carbonation and caffiene calls to me! And cookies are 3 for a $1, so how can I pass 'em up? There are THREE of us, after all. It only makes sense. I'm a mom on a mission (and a budget) so this fits the bill on all counts. What are your go-to's when a little break is calling?? Stay cool ;)

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