Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chuck to the Rescue

Just when I thought Mr. Sun was backing off and it was cooling down, the weather gods laughed. Once again spiked with a miserable wave of heat, I began to wonder...what else can I do with the kids to stay cool, indoors and keep them busy? I've exhausted the pool days, Chick-Fil-A play dates and indoor crafting activities. And then it hit me...Chuck E. Cheese's! Of course it's a popular party spot but you can go anytime and pay practically nothing for an afternoon of fun. It's super safe (kids and parents are stamped with matching numbers and you can't exit without being checked..) air-conditioned and (almost) free! For just a few dollars, maybe some spare change under the cushions, you can have a quick outing with the kids. The rides and games are just a quarter each and frankly, half the time my kids don't even notice if they are really playing or not. Then, if they have collected any tickets, they can even leave with a prize! What's not to love? Although Chuck E. Cheese's isn't quite how I remember it being when I was a kid (remember the live shows? The music?) it still serves the same purpose: Give the little ones something fun to do. Oh, and give mommy a little break from playing cruise director and entertaining 24/7. So the plan for today?? A visit to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch and a little playtime for the kiddos...catching up for mommy and grandma! What will you do??

Ridin' on the horse track together!

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