Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Channeling Fall...Who's With Me??

We've all heard of Christmas in July but anyone hear of Fall in August?? Me neither but I'm a fan of both and I'm going to take a stand against this California weather once and for all. Who's with me?? If you are lucky enough to be reading this in some paradise (AKA, a place with temps below 100°), then maybe you don't have to blast the AC to partake in this experiment, but read on, friends. Read on. I've already shared with you that I'm a Fall Fanatic, but the hot, sweltering weather of late makes me long for the cool, brisk weather and turning leaves of fall even more. From apple pies and mugs of hot chocolate to the feel of a cashmere sweater against my skin, there is nothing like it. Oh, and don't forget about "falling back"!!! Not only do you get an "extra" hour of sleep (this never really works around here...), but it gets darker and cooler earlier, and nights take on a cozier, magical feel. People start lighting up their fireplaces, make heartier and comforting meals, and we can finally say good-bye to the horror that is bathing suit season!
Now, it's not just me who is ready for the change of season. Michael's has transformed. Walking through the double doors and being slammed with the wafting scents of apple, cinnamon-spice and pumpkin pie and the beautiful displays of pumpkins, leaves and gourds sends me over the edge. So with that in mind, I'm ready to transform (slowly, so my hubby doesn't notice, of course), our home into an all-out fall fest!
Last night, as I had a homemade lasagna cooking, and a cinnamon candle burning, it just smelled like colder weather. It didn't matter that I had been sweating bullets outdoors hours earlier. I'm pulling the decor out of storage and moving the seasons along, whether they are ready or not! Maybe if we band together and show the heat who's boss, it will back down. Maybe not, but if you're so over summer, join me!

                                      A homemade paper leaf wreath...the perfect kid's craft!
My kids at Riley's Farm last year

                                            My daughter in Portland at a real pumpkin patch

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