Thursday, November 8, 2012

Zesty "Garbage" Soup

Normally, I'm not a fan of the garbage soup. Perhaps it's because it took on a new meaning growing up. My dad could make soup out of anything but it didn't always have the most appetizing end result. I could never be sure if there were leftovers from people's plates in there or perhaps leftovers gone bad...So I never partook (love ya, Dad!) But now that I'm an adult and not only cook the food but have to pay for it every week, I have a new appreciation for the saying "waste not, want not". The worst thing I can do in the kitchen is throw food away. I hate doing it!!
So as the leftovers from the other night's chicken and couscous sat for a day or two, I decided to turn them into a delicious soup. I started with an onion, garlic and green pepper, the veggies I had on hand and simmered on low with some olive oil. After letting them cook about ten minutes and soften, I added chicken broth (36 oz. box..), a can of tomatoes and the leftover chicken (diced) and threw the couscous in at the end, when the soup was boiling. I also threw in some random seasonings I had on hand, but most of the flavor comes from the broth. I topped it with some crushed tortilla chips and sour cream and turned something drab into something fab!! What will you (re) create tonight???

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  1. Nice! I freeze my vegetable scraps (ends of peppers, broccoli, or something that needs to be cooked that night but I can't get to) and make vegetable broth from it.