Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holiday Dinner

What do you make year after year for your holiday dinner? Turkey? A ham? Something less traditional? Well, this year, being in my streamlined mode, I decided to make Thanksgiving and Christmas easy. No stress, no fuss even though I am hosting family. I promised myself that after years of being tense and terse prior to those holiday get-togethers, I would finally let go. No more scouring aisle after aisle in search of the perfect gift that does not exist, no more going over budget to make more treats and purchase "one more gift", and no more running like a chicken with it's head cut off in the hour before guests arrive for dinner. What's the point? Are people coming over to critique my housekeeping and cooking skills or to fellowship, laugh and share their blessings of the year? Exactly. So everyone is pitching in and I am keeping our meals pared down to a couple good appetizers, a mouth-watering main dish and a handful of homemade sweets. I'm going to focus on making memories this year and developing traditions for my children. I want them to look back on the sweet treats made in the kitchen with mommy and remember the fun, not the stress on my face when the powdered sugar was spilled or the frosting was smeared. And I want them to remember what the reason is behind the season. Here's to living in the moment! 

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  1. Good thinkin, Em! I'm trying to convince mom to share in our gift swap. At least so they can have fun doing the swap with us and then if they want to add extra gifts for each of us they can. Can't wait to spend Christmas together!!