Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving...on $50???

Recently, while reading a holiday magazine, I came across an article on how to create a Thanksgiving dinner for ten people under $100. "That's easy", I thought, "give me a real challenge!" So Thanksgiving under $50 was born. Now you may have already done your Thanksgiving dinner shopping but Christmas is just around the corner, and then New Year's so with all the parties and hosting you'll be doing, here are a few ways to keep your budget in check.
- First, keep your main dish around $15. Think it can't be done? Think again. Whole turkeys and hams are usually around $0.79 a pound during peak season but that doesn't mean you're stuck with just those options. A big lasagna, a bag of chicken, or a large roast can easily be transformed into a mean main dish!
- Then, choose one or two killer appetizers. Think a yummy homemade dip or cheese platter with fruit. You don't need the chips/dip AND the veggie platter AND the fruit!!
- Keep your drink selections to a minimum. It's amazing how quickly your drink tab can add up! Choose a main beverage like iced tea or lemonade and water and call it a day! 
- Keep side dishes simple. Potatoes, casseroles and salad go a long way.
- Don't go crazy with dessert. So many times, people are so full by the end of a big meal, they either decline dessert altogether or choose something small. So keep dessert options basic. Apple pie a la mode or brownies and cookies are enough!
Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for coupons around the holidays. I always get great coupons from Vons in the mail and from Target with my receipt. Just this week I got a 4-pound bag of chicken breast with a FREE marinade, bag of rice and veggie. At Target, I've gotten several $5-off coupons towards groceries. Shop wisely, keep your menu simple and you will save!!! What are you making this year???

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  1. That $50 goes a lot further when someone else is bringing the wine. ; )

    C'mon, you think any of us can get through a big family function on LEMONADE?