Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Menu

This week I was a little unprepared for grocery shopping. I didn't have time to compile recipes and make the usual 7-day menu but have a few meals in mind...

Saturday: Chicken salad on croissants
Sunday: Pesto pasta with garlic bread
Monday: Chicken with couscous and broccoli
Tuesday: Grilled cheese w/fruit
Wednesday: Dinner out!
Thursday: ???
Friday: Shopping day, thank God!!
What's your meal plan?? Any good recipes? Share them here!


  1. Em, you gotta make these tacos! Lex turned me on to the recipe, and I don't even use the chipotle sauce, I just use regular salsa. Also, I don't usually use the cheese. But they're cheap and tasty!

  2. What? The cheese totally MAKES it. USE THE CHEESE.

  3. haha...I will try it! And in our house...cheese rules! Come on, should know this by now! Miss you both ;)