Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Christmas Nightmare

Saturday night was the Bass Pro Shop opening night for their Christmas Wonderland. They were going to have carolers, milk and cookies and coloring books for the kids, fun activities and of course, visits with Santa. Although we'd been fighting the sniffles and I would have rather been in bed, we waited patiently for Daddy to come home so we could go. Dressed in their Christmas best, my kids were bouncing off the walls, eager to get out the door and on with the fun. Only fun was not to be had right away. First, walking into the shop, we realized that there was just no way we were going to see the big man. The line was wrapped halfway around the store, and the store is HUGE. So with my daughter in tears, we walked around, trying to engage the kids in the activities...letters to Santa, remote control cars, the carousel and shooting range, all to no avail. They had one-track minds that night, Santa.
So after a failed attempt at making the night better, we tried to console the kids with the milk and cookies...that they had run out of. Not to be deterred, we bought the kids a snack and took a little break. As my daughter continued to fight tears, we were about to give up and head out when, wouldn't you know it, the line had eased up. Finally! We got in line and while the kids watched The Elf on the Shelf to pass the time, we were there before we knew it! A cute picture and a chat with Santa and we were on our way. Our night was salvaged and after I popped some Thera-Flu and headed off to bed, I was relieved that somehow what started as a Christmas disaster ended a fun family night! And you better believe we are heading back with the free kids meal coupons we received!! I highly recommend going now that opening night is over and things have settled!

                                                  Finally happy after their visit with Santa!

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