Friday, October 26, 2012

My Menu

Today I did my grocery shopping and spent a little more than usual. A couple snacks/some candy for Halloween parties..etc. and I racked up $70.00! Normally, my total is anywhere from $50-$60 and people have asked how I do it?!? Well, by the end of the week we are scraping by and eating peanut butter and jelly for lunch, I don't buy any drinks except for milk and sometimes mixes from the 99 Cent Store and I plan inexpensive, but healthy meals ahead of time and save by keeping things simple. Oh, and the "dinner out" night is usually something we have coupons for like Del Taco, Subway or an In-N-Out splurge!! Here's how this week looks:

Saturday: Hash brown casserole with cinnamon rolls (hubby's request!)
Sunday: Shepherd's pie
Monday: Rigatoni with meat sauce/salad/garlic bread
Tuesday: Hot dogs/organic oven fries
Wednesday: Halloween!! Grilled cheese and turkey "batwiches"/carrots and broccoli
Thursday: Tuna casserole
Friday: Out!!
What are you eating this week??


  1. I'm making this tonight (without the chicken, of course). You should try it, it's a great alternative to mac n cheese.

    I also made pasta from scratch last night for the first time...I was surprised how easy and cheap it was :D