Friday, October 19, 2012

Grocery Store Savings: My Menu

I went to the grocery store today instead of tomorrow, my regular shopping day, since I got some awesome coupons from Vons and additionally, they always have special deals on Fridays! For example, $5 for various bulk items such as toilet paper and snacks and $5 pizzas. So with coupons in hand, I spent the next forty-five minutes or so wrangling my kids and shopping cart and filled up on the great deals. The coupons from the mail (keep an eye out..they don't expire until Oct. 31st..) had $10 off $50 or more, a $5 rotisserie chicken and a FREE bagged salad, french loaf, and box of Rice-A-Roni!! Talk about saving money!! So I shopped wisely and spent a mere $41.30 on my groceries for the week. Now, as is my usual disclaimer, I will probably need a few odds and ends during the week (a cookie mix from the 99 Cent Store, perhaps??) but I am well below my weekly budget of $100!!! I try and use the grocery budget for other incidentals during the week as well like a contribution towards my bible study potluck or snacks for my daughter's play group. It all comes out of that $100. Here's how my menu looks:

Saturday: Rotisserie Chicken/Rice-A-Roni
Sunday: Date Night!!!
Monday: Spaghetti/Garlic Bread
Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Wraps/Organic Oven Fries
Wednesday: Chicken Salad (with leftover rotisserie chicken..) French Bread
Thursday: Chicken and White Cheddar Flautas
Friday: Out!!
I know there's a lot of chicken dishes but with my $5 chicken and organic chicken on sale, I couldn't pass it up!! What are you cooking this week???

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