Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Menu

Today, after spending $43.32 at Sprouts, I knew I would need to hit Target also but was off to a good start with my menu. I LOVE Sprout's for their abundant selection of healthy and organic options, low priced fruits and veggies and for their bulk bins. However, they do lack certain items I use like Nathan's hot dogs and Gatorade. So yes, I will have to go to another store this week but with our new $100 a week food budget, I have plenty to spare. Here are a few tips to stretch your grocery budget that have helped me:
- Spread your meat through the week. Use it as an accent to a meal instead of it being the star of the show. Instead of using a 20 oz. package of ground turkey for a meatloaf, use half for tacos and half for spaghetti. Be creative in your cooking and go meatless now and then!
- Buy your produce in it's most simplest form. A head of lettuce, for example instead of a bagged and washed variety or carrots whole instead of pre-cut in a bag. All the prep work you do will cost you a little time, but save money!
- Quit buying boxed and packaged snacks. This is a toughie...I would much rather hand my kids a granola bar than cut up apples, cheese and carrots but the extra work is worth the time and health of my children! Make it easy by prepping food as soon as you're home from the store!

Here's how my menu looks:

Saturday: Spaghetti with ground turkey/garlic bread
Sunday: Hot dogs/organic oven fries
Monday: Organic chili/cornbread
Tuesday: Meatball subs with mozzarella
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner!! Blueberry pancakes, bacon and hash browns
Thursday: Grilled cheese/salad
Friday: Dinner out!!

What will you make this week??


  1. I think you bring up another good point which is that you have to shop around for the best prices. I love Trader Joes for dried fruit, nuts, and the like, but they don't have things like dried beans. So I usually go every other week to one store or the other.