Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

With Easter quickly approaching, I've got crafting and activities on the brain. There are countless goodies, crafts and activities you can do with your kids to celebrate spring and Jesus' resurrection. Like what? You ask...well, here are my favorites for ringing in springtime!

First thing's favorite thing to do when a holiday is approaching is to display an appropriately themed wreath on my front door. Since my Valentine's day heart-covered wreath is still hanging, I'd say it's time to switch it up. Here are a few I spotted in Pinterest and that are easy to whip up:

Spring Wreath          DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial               Spring wreath (Friday Fun Party- Craftionary)
So...may I state the obvious?? These are all adorable choices and are ridiculously easy to make! Sure, you can buy a pre-made wreath but you will not only save money with a DIY version, it's also a fun way to include your kids and create something you can proudly hang, even personalizing if you'd like! The first and second are foam based wreaths wrapped in fabric and decorated with fabric and button flowers. The third is a grapevine wreath covered in silk flowers and tied in a bow. So easy, it's silly!!

Next up...crafts! There are so many fun crafts you can make with and for your kids to hand out to friends at school or include in Easter baskets. I always think simple is best and for little ones, as choosing something too complicated can be overwhelming so here are a few kid-friendly crafting ideas:

Peeps topiary  cute easter crafts  easter
A Peep topiary livens a dark space. You can use a can, jar or clay pot for the base. Fill it with newspaper then the top with moss or Easter basket grass and use a wooden dowel and circle template to place the Peeps. The second is a construction paper bunny fashioned with a stapler, like an envelope then filled with candy. The last one uses fabric swatches tied with ribbon to house candy and small toys. Be creative!

Of course, I saved the best for last...goodies!!! No holiday (or party, or meeting...) is complete without the snacks!! Here are a few I intend to try:

Easter snack     Easter cake pops!     Easter cupcake recipe
These look amazing and let's not forget...easy! The first is a bird's nest made with Chinese noodles coated in melted chocolate and decorate with speckled chocolate eggs (my absolute FAVORITE Easter candy!) The second is an egg-shaped cake pop which requires a little time and patience but is worth the outcome. Simply prepare a boxed cake mix according to the package directions, let cool then crumble and mix with a can of frosting. Shape into eggs and refrigerate until firm. Pop a stick in each one and dunk in melted chocolate and decorate. The last is an Easter cupcake (whatever recipe you like best) covered in icing, toasted coconut and a chocolate bunny. Yummy!!
I hope I gave you some ideas that you'll have fun with this year. Happy Easter!
What are your favorites???

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