Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Bringing Fish Sticks Back

At the grocery store recently, I came upon a box of frozen fish sticks. I remember eating them as a kid and loving them! Now, the phrase "frozen fish sticks" just sounds plain gross but guess what? They were yummy and a hit with my kids! Both of them! My picky daughter happily munched along with her brother, my token "good eater" and eagerly requested more and more. Sure, you could certainly come up with a healthier option, like grilled salmon, for example but you could also do much worse. The fish sticks were made with whole cod fillets and once baked, were super crisp and tasty. We take baby steps around here so perhaps next we'll try the grilled salmon but for the moment, fish sticks rule. I served them with baked fries and green beans and everyone gobbled that dinner up!
What meals remind you of childhood???

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