Friday, March 29, 2013

Pad Thai in No Time

Sick of my usual dinner fare, I picked up an Archer Farms Pad Thai kit from Target the other day. I've made it plenty of times homemade but decided to try it with a pre-made sauce. It totally hit the spot! The kit contained a generous serving of Pad Thai sauce and dry noodles. I was able to boil those in just five minutes while I cooked some chicken breast to go along with the meal. I added the sauce and a few peanuts for garnish and voila! Dinner was done! You can throw this together in literally ten minutes and add protein or not. Although a homemade sauce will trump store bought any day, this came so close it wasn't even worth bothering with homemade again. If you've never tried this dish, I strongly encourage you to. The flavors, while sweet and tangy, are still mild enough for even the pickiest of palates...and I know picky!!
What's for dinner tonight??

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