Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Freestyle Spring Wreath

I was on a mission to "spring up" my dreary front door and had great plans for a handmade wreath. As I sized up raw grapevine and foam wreaths at Michael's, I realized I would much rather spend that money on a meal out with my family, a new shirt or a movie with my honey. I'm frugal and it's just hard for me to spend money when I know I can do something for free! So I got home and got hunting. I have a lot of scrap fabric on hand from projects past and present and thought that would be a good place to start. I used a large piece of cardboard and cut a square to make a template. I planned to pad it with more fabric or Styrofoam but opted to take the lazy route and just decorate the cardboard! First, I cut long strips of beige fabric and wrapped the board. Then, I cut squares of fabric and made them into "flowers", hot-gluing those to the wreath randomly. One last piece of beige fabric was used to make a small bow to hang and voila! A handmade wreath in no time that was most importantly, completely free!!! I challenge you, use and repurpose items you have around the house to make something totally new!
What will you create??

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