Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Menu This Week

Coming off a Pinterest bender, I've found some recipes that are sure to shake dinner up! I have been so tired of my usual chicken recipes so it was time for something new. Here's my menu for the week, maybe it will inspire you to try something new too!

Tuesday: BBQ...going to make some burgers on the grill with fresh corn on the cob (wrapped in foil with butter and salt...mmmm!)
Wednesday: Chicken bacon ranch pasta- bite-sized chicken breast with a can of Italian style tomatoes, a little milk, garlic and a ranch dressing packet served over pasta, topped with crunchy bacon.
Thursday: Crock-Pot pork tenderloin (Pork tenderloin and BBQ sauce..that's it!) served with my favorite Hawaiian rolls and fruit salad.
Friday: Lean ground turkey tacos with all the fixins'.
Saturday: Crock-Pot baked potato bar...wrap potatoes with foil and place in slow cooker for 4-6 hours! Serve with chili, sour cream, cheese, broccoli..etc. You can always microwave them...two potatoes take about 15 minutes on high..
Sunday: Dinner out!
What are you cooking this week?

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