Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Day in Paradise...

So everyone lets their children play out back in water naked, right?? No? Maybe it's just me but lately, as the weather has warmed, I've needed to come up with yet another creative way to keep my kids busy, cool and happy! So it was time to drag out the pirate water table and get going. Being practical, I don't like the idea of them getting their clothes soaked or having to change in and out of swimsuits for sometimes ten minutes of fun so...naked they go! Day after day, I fill the table with clean water, they have their fun, splashing each other and me. Then they dig in the dirt and make a muddy mess and inevitably there are watery, muddy footprints in the house after all is said and done. But they have fun, cool off and share plenty of giggles. Definitely worth the mess!
What do you do to keep your kids busy in the heat?

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