Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New You???

With the new year in full swing, there tends to be a lot of pressure to "change", "improve", and "become a better you" so...are you biting?? My thinking is usually the same that goes for rules, resolutions are meant to be broken! But maybe the reason we break them so easily is because we weren't that passionate about the resolution in the first place. Vowing to diet and exercise more make the top ten list year after year but...what if you hate to work out and looooove junk food?? I'm not talking about myself, of course. Cough, cough. I just wonder if we went about our resolutions differently then maybe they'd be easier to keep. Sure, there's nothing wrong with eating better and getting into shape for your health, but when it becomes a chore, something you dread, then it's not going to work. Baby steps, however, are a good start. Instead of "lose fifty pounds", a better goal might be "cut out processed foods" or if you're like me and of the wound-up variety, instead of having unrealistic expectations of your little ones, your household and yourself, vow to ease up. I'm going to work on slowing down, being in the moment and just enjoy being home with my kids. So, here's my short list...what's on yours???
1. Buy less processed foods and make more homemade
2. Be more patient with my kids and stay in the moment
3. Get organized!
4. LOSE. THE. GUILT. I've set such high expectations for myself as a mother that I'm constantly second-guessing my decisions, feeling bad for: being impatient, not spending enough quality time with my kids and for not being "good enough" on a daily basis. Maybe I didn't read enough with Jovie or sit on the floor with Logan and play cars but dang it, I'm going to do my best and let it go! My kids won't die from too much TV, a bag of chips or from staying with a sitter once in a while.
Ok, glad I got that off my chest...Happy New Year!!!


  1. Em, just the fact that you're able to stay home with Jovie and Logan means that you're already able to spend tons more quality time with them than a lot of parents! You should feel lucky, not guilty! And you're a great mom, to boot. :)