Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Extreme Couponing: The Results

So I had this idea that I would make a big shopping trip, coupons in hand and save hundreds like the folks on Extreme Couponing. This was not the case. Not only did my grocery store no longer double coupons, but half the time, the store brand was cheaper than the brand I had a coupon for! So, what was I doing wrong? Well, I didn't spend six hours the day of my shopping trip scouring ads, pouring over my computer and dumpster diving for extra circulars. I simply cut the coupons I thought I might need and headed out. Although    it was a bit of a bust, I have been more conscious to check out store websites and sales and take advantage of any coupons available and plan accordingly. So with a little tweaking, I can save money. But an extreme couponer, I am not.
How do you save???

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  1. I buy in bulk--from the bulk spices/staples at Henry's, to regular trips to Costco. I also buy in season (or try to). The produce that's in season is often a lot cheaper.

    Also, no meat. Meat is more expensive per pound than veggies, rice, pasta, etc.