Sunday, August 11, 2013

Morning Scramble

All of a sudden, I am thrust in the morning rush that goes with having school-aged children. Although my daughter is just beginning kindergarten, I realize I must be much more organized for our mornings to run smoothly. School starts at 7:45 which feels early considering I like to leave by 7:15 to allow for any hiccups, which are inevitable with little ones. And considering some days my little ones sleep until 7:00, we don't have much room for error. Which I learned last week. So to make mornings easier, it helps to get organized the night before. Or even better? Prepare everything the Sunday before the school week. So that's my plan...get organized and have lunch and breakfasts ready to go ahead of time because apparently, a granola bar just does not suffice for breakfast, according to my daughter.
So I did my big shopping trip for the week this morning. At 6 am. With my little guy in tow, who was up with the sun raring to go. Once home, I divided snacks into five-year-old-sized portions so I can just grab and fill her lunchbox before heading out the door. I highly recommend this method because it takes all the guess work out of what to make for lunch. String cheese and crackers, sliced fruit, Pb&j, small bags of chips or nuts...anything that can be assembled ahead of time should be. Then grab and pack! I decided to allow her the option of buying lunch once a week (since she was envious of the buyers on pizza day...) so I only need to plan for four days. Here's what our lunch and breakfast plan looks like for this week and I'll go ahead and throw in dinner too!! I hope this gives you a little inspiration for your week to come!!

                Breakfast          Lunch                         Dinner
Monday: Smoothies          Pb crackers/grapes      Fettuccine Alfredo w/Chicken and Broccoli
Tuesday: Yogurt/Granola  Buying!                       Stir Fry w/Chicken and Veggies
Wednesday: Pancakes     Granola Bar/fruit           Homemade Pizza
Thursday: Cereal/fruit       Pb&J/Chips                 Meatball Sandwiches w/Corn on the Cob
Friday: Toast/Bacon         String cheese/crackers   Dinner out!

How do you make mornings easier???

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