Saturday, December 1, 2012

Naked is the New Black

How is it that kids can think it sooo funny to run around naked?? Seems like every time I turn around, they are stripping and running free. Perhaps it is that they make me laugh, make each other laugh and because it is just plain silly to be in the buff. Now, last I checked, being naked made me want to run too. In the opposite direction of mirrors. Ask any woman, no matter how perfect you think they are and I'm sure they will have a  laundry list a mile long of their flaws. I know I do. Having kids, especially a daughter, has taught me a lesson, though. I no longer analyze every imperfection, blemish, dimple and gray hair. How can I expect Jovie to be a strong, independent and self-assured little girl if I put myself down constantly? What kind of an example would I be? So years ago, I ditched the negative voice in my head saying I wasn't smart, pretty or thin enough and started listening to that smart-as-a-whip lady who knows that being myself is just fine. Yes, my jeans get snug every now and then so I sacrifice a few bowls of ice cream and log a couple extra miles on the treadmill but I refuse to give in to my doubts, my insecurities and my weaknesses. Where would that get me? On a train to misery, that's where! So let's give ourselves a break and adopt a childlike attitude about ourselves. Ditch those negative voices already!

                                          Just chillin' under the table with our biggie.

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  1. Oh man, nothing like babies after a bath. So cute and cuddly! :)