Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Putting Me First

Being in the mindset of the new year and starting afresh, I have been thinking of all that I hope to accomplish in 2014. Along with taking strides in being a better friend and mommy, I hope to put my hubby and marriage first. Sounds well-rounded enough, right?? I'm hoping to spread the love to my loved ones and be a better me. But wait a minute. What Where do I fit into the mix?? My tendency, as with most women, is to put myself dead last. And it's no wonder. Being home with kids takes a lot. From laundry to cooking, grocery shopping, shuttling kiddos to can be exhausting. And then I have a marriage to contend with. Being a wife requires being present and there are times when I just want to turn in early and let the hubster fend for himself. But then I wouldn't have much of a marriage. So I give and give and find there are days when I just have nothing left for myself.
Well, this year, I hope to change that. Even if only a little. Well, you know how they say to "carve just ten minutes a day" to "meditate" to "get up before the rest of the family"???? Well...that's all bunky bunk! Ain't no way I'm getting up early to do anything and ten minutes is for the birds. I need a couple hours to really accomplish anything! But baby steps...
So here's what I propose to the haggard mommies everywhere: Let's start slowly to ignore that voice that says you need to do things perfectly, ignore the voice that at the end of the day reminds you that there is laundry in the dryer, that the floors need to be swept and that you just didn't do enough. Take that hour sitting at karate waiting for your kiddo and just. read. a. book. Head up to bed a few minutes early and flip through a magazine, paint your toenails, take warm bath. Your hubby will survive. Crack open that bottle of wine, or lotion, or really good olive oil you've been "saving" and use it already! Put on perfume in the morning if only for yourself. Wear your good undies. Or socks. Or jewelry. Just be nice to yourself. Don't wait for someone to spoil you. Take time to be a better you and I promise, you'll automatically be that better mommy. And friend. And wife. Go on and create a better you this year!

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