Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Hassle

I love to decorate and prepare for the holidays but nothing is more of a hassle than trying to declutter, decorate, shop and make sure everything is in its place for family and company. But with a few simple shortcuts, you can have a festive home, cross items off your to-do list and keep your sanity in tact. With Christmas quickly approaching, I am trying to slow time, create memories with my kiddos and indulge in as many seasonal activities as possible. Tree lightings, parades, parties, shopping...it can all get overwhelming if you let it. So pick your favorites, have fun and get going! We already saw Santa, made Christmas cookie deliveries and have begun watching our favorite Christmas movies. Busy? Yes. Fun? Oh yea. Nothing beats this time of year and I try to instill a love of tradition in my children. As they grow, I hope they remember and cherish all we do as a family. Here are a few tips to enjoy the holidays and stress less:
- Shop early, often and online if you can! Jot down gift ideas as soon as you think of them and order as early as possible. Also, consider getting everyone the same gift such as pajamas or a delicious gourmet treat.
- Choose a couple places in your home to decorate and focus there. Instead of cramming every spare space with holiday decor, focus on the bathroom and entryway, for example, lighting a few candles, hanging some garland and calling. it. a. day.
- Take family photos early and order Christmas cards online.
- Decide what activities you really want to participate in and which ones you can live without. You don't have to say yes to every invitation, especially if it will cause more stress to attend.
- Order large quantities of one gift, like See's candy, for teachers, babysitters, and neighbors.
- Ditch the guilt! Not everything has to be homemade, perfect and right on time. Store bought treats and gift cards can be real time savers.
I hope you are enjoying all that Christmas has to offer. The goodies, get togethers and memories you create with your family are priceless. Enjoy the buildup and then relax on Christmas morning relishing in what the holiday is really about, the birth of Christ!

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