Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten Minutes at a Time

The other day, while struggling to fit my workout in, I asked my kiddos to sit quietly at the kitchen table and play Legos while I was on the treadmill. Who was I kidding?!?! That kind of request is one that crazy mothers make, right? Well, it worked...sort of.  For about ten minutes. Before I knew it, they were moseying over to the treadmill, making requests, asking for help building. I had to hop off and tend to my kids. What else could I do?? I fit in a few more minutes here and there throughout the day and realized that sometimes, that's the only way to get things done...ten minutes at a time. I try and foster independence in my kids by allowing them to get bored sometimes, find things to do on their own and play together but that only lasts for so long. They always make their way back to me, needing help, needing a snack or drink or just needing me. So I've succumbed to this life with kids knowing that if I want to read a book, catch up on a TV show or get laundry done, it will happen- in ten minute bursts. So take advantage when the kiddos are quiet because it won't last!

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