Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Much of a Good Thing?

This past Saturday, eager for something to do that was indoors, cheap, and would burn some of my kid's energy, I headed to McDonald's with my dad. We decided a cone and some playtime would be the answer. My dad is always so good with the kids and willing to help so off we went! The kids behaved marvelously for a good hour, playing, running around with new friends and stopping to catch their breath every now and then. But the time came to go and we all know this is always the hard part. I had to get going, get dinner started and so the warning was given. Not wanting to leave, they started running around like crazy, trying to hide from mommy. And then it happened. Logan took off his shirt. And then his pants and underwear. And he ran. I refuse to chase after my kids and once they take off, they immediately lose privileges so it was on. I finally got a hold of him when it was Jovie's turn. She decided her shirt needed to come off too. Really?? There I was, struggling to get Logan dressed when she started in. So it was Papa's turn. He wrangled a very angry Logan and got him dressed while I dealt with Jovie. I explained to her that while it is inappropriate to remove our clothing in public, it is especially inappropriate for young ladies. She laughed at me. So hot, sweating and eight months pregnant, I pressed on, ignoring the stares from the parents around me and got them out the door. All I can say is, thank God my dad was there to help that day. Sometimes things get ugly and at some point, you have to be able to tune out the noise around you and laugh it off. Yes, it was embarrassing but that just goes with the territory. Next time, we'll leave a little sooner...before things get out of hand!

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