Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happiness at Home

Being a stay-home mom isn't always easy. Yes, I can stay in my pajamas til noon if I want, go to the park or other adventures on a whim, get my errands done before dinner and there is not much pressure as far as our schedule goes. But on the other hand...I'm with my kids all day, must entertain them, keep them fed, keep dinners on the table, food in the cupboards and there is more pressure to keep a tidy home because...what else am I doing all day? Ha! I have the lovely task of scheduling all the doctors appointments, dental check-ups and getting the oil changed, the car washed..etc. So although there are perks to it, being home with my kiddos all day, every day can definitely be draining. For the first year or so of having two kids, I hit the ground running, constantly staying busy, meeting up with friends and taking my kids on field trips until it hit life is just a series of play dates. And who the heck am I putting all this effort out for anyway? Me...or my kids? To beat my boredom or their's? So I'm trying to slow down, savor the morning, prepare for the day leisurely, have a cup of coffee and let the day take us where it may. After all, life is not a race and if the kids end up making a huge mess out of blankets, pillows and sheets all for the sake of creating a secret hideout, then by all means, I let them go for it. The grocery store can wait. Being happier does not equal being busier. Being happier at home just means being more content with my juncture in life, taking things as they come and holding myself to my own standard, not comparing myself to what other mothers out there are doing. And I think I'm doing a pretty good job.
What's your secret to being happy at home??

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