Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide

With Father's Day quickly approaching, I'm sure you are considering what to do for Dad! Maybe you've already got it all figured out (good for you!) but if you need a few ideas, here you go! My kids and I plan to whisk Daddy away for the weekend so he can indulge in some much-needed relaxation, extra sleep (his request...) and a little fun in the sun. Whatever your hubby or dad is into, you are sure to find something to make him happy and feel appreciated on his special day!

- Breakfast in bed. This is a classic for a reason! Who doesn't like to sleep in a little while the kids and mommy prepare a nice, hot breakfast, maybe with the newspaper or his favorite magazine included in the spread. Donuts and coffee work too!
- For the reader, a new book with a coffee gift card tucked in is perfect.
- For the snacker, and I happen to know a few, how about an assortment of cheeses and crackers or chocolates? Throw in a six-pack of his favorite beer or a bottle of wine and you've got it made.
- Bake something! This is my answer to everything and for good reason! It's easy, inexpensive and a personal way to show your love. This year, thanks to a wealth of bananas from a neighbor, I baked homemade banana nut bread for the fellas in my life and wrapped them to gift.
- For the guy who spends most time in the garage (my hubby, of course!) a gift card to Sears, Matco or Snap-On are great options because they WILL get used. Or, listen extra carefully for a tool he needs and get it for him. This takes some paying attention because for me, most of that stuff goes over my head!
- For the man with the creative side, think about getting him a set of Lincoln Logs, K'Nex, a model car kit or some other item he can create with the kids. They will all have fun making something together (and bonus, give you some quiet time!)
I hope these suggestions were helpful! It's always fun to have a reason to shop, bake and craft so get moving!
What are you getting that special guy?

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