Thursday, June 29, 2017

Waist Management

Two weeks into my lifestyle redo, I'm seven pounds lighter and feeling great! Because I've been strict, I've found that my cravings and eating habits have already changed for the better. I've noticed that by keeping my meals and snacks predictable and well planned out, it makes my choices much easier by taking out the guess work. Also, being that I've worked out every day for the last couple of weeks, I've begun to look forward to moving and also have found more creative ways to get excersice in. With a full-time job and two kids home for the summer, "me time" has been the first to go! Still, with a little effort and sacrifice, I'm getting the job done. Here's a sample day in the life! I hope it challenges you to become stronger and more fit this summer!

7:00- wake, get changed and head out to jog if I'm off work (if kids are up, they watch tv)
7:30- home, shower, dress for the day
8:00- coffee
9:00- smoothie
12:00- lunch (salad w/ protein and veggies)
3:00- snack (apple w/peanut butter, cheese w/crackers, celery and hummus)
6:00- dinner (protein w/whole wheat rice or pasta and veggies)
8:00- kids in bed, work out at home if I didn't get to yet
9:00- time with hubby or to relax, watch tv, do laundry..etc. (If I'm hungry, I eat popcorn)
11:00- bedtime!

Switch things up. If you do cardio in the morning, do weights or stretching in the evening. If you only have time to swim a few laps with the kids, do it. Take them along for a hike or long walk. Just get moving! If you want to see results, you have to make big changes! My fitness goal is to tone and firm up, see definition and have more energy. I started last week at 139 pounds and I'm down to 132. Hubby has already noticed!

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