Thursday, June 8, 2017

Go Play!

Day one of summer and I predict the kids are going to give me more than I bargained for. It's been a long day, long and we're just beginning. What began as a mellow day hitting up Target then meeting a friend for lunch and a little playtime action is turning into the longest day ever.
I took them in the pool, watched a movie with them and even took them to the Cheesecake Factory for a late afternoon treat (yes, that was for me.) It's not quite dinnertime and the kids seemed to have found some little friends to play with. Great. But now every five minutes they're barging in the door ("Shut it behind you! The AC is running!") for "props" for a movie their filming. "Mommy, where's that eye patch? You know the one I needed the other night when I was being dramatic and had something in my eye??" Of course, that one. Junk drawer, kiddo. Junk drawer.
It's always a plus when kids come up with activities on their own but do you notice that in the end it just creates more work for you?? Some examples:
Kinetic sand ("Mommy, look what I found under my bed!") then five minutes later, they're bored and don't feel like helping sweep it all up off the floor.
Legos. Enough said.
Play-Doh. Again...enough said.
Slime. Yes, I did this because I am a crazy person and for kicks and giggles, felt like trucking my kids to Michaels to spend about $18 on supplies for some "slime" that turned into hockey pucks and got left on the patio table within about five minutes and sat their until their dad forced them to clean the remnants of. (sorry, honey!)
Swimming, going to Barnes and Noble, going to buy Pokemon cards, playing "airport" (yes, I'm the genius who thought of that but then..."Who is going to play the ticket agent, Mommy?? Because there are only two of us and WE can't be the ticket agent.."), charades, puzzles, ice cream shop, you name it. The fun only begins when Mommy is sitting cross-legged on the floor on the action or shelling out loads of money. So I declare coloring time. Or reading. Or writing a story quietly.  Or napping. You MUST be tired from running around, right??
So the next time you hear the words "I'm bored" or "What should I do??" the answer is this-- go play, dear children, go play. Sometimes being bored is the perfect catalyst for the best, most imaginative games and if you're one of those mommies like me who feel guilt every time you sit down or enjoy a moment to yourself, knock it off. Eventually the guilt monsters will leave you alone.

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